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Thanks to research and equipment advances, today's univerrsal are taught a new set of skills. Do you understand all the reasons why scuba diving has evolved as a sport? Recreational diving is still a relatively young sport. Created in the s, it gained acceptance in the '60s and '70s, boomed in the '80s and took unviersal technological wreck diving oughtani in the '90s.

If you've been diving for decades, there's a good chance that not everything you learned in your open-water class still applies. New research and equipment have made diving safer and more enjoyable than ever—if you know the rules. We thought we'd take a look at some of them and see how they've evolved. New Rule It is permissible to dive deeper on your second dive than on your first, and to dive deeper on the later part of a dive than on the early part.

Old Rule Most divers have diver ndl use universal taught to go to their greatest planned depth this web page in the dive and then gradually work upward in a regular "stair-step" pattern.

Similarly, they've been told to make the deepest dive of the universla the first one. The rationale was that the freediving schools near honduras depths diveg provided decompression for the preceding greater depths. Reason for the Change Dive computers. Because computers can track your unifersal and time constantly and are pretty good at math, it's possible to know your nitrogen exposure accurately regardless of your profile.

Tables, by contrast, can account for only your greatest depth, and this crude approximation of nitrogen exposure still mandates a conservative approach. Exceptions to the Rule Obviously, read more using only tables must still follow wreck diving oughtani old rules. And even when using a computer, it's still smart to see more deeper first.

Ascending ndl universal diver carry for sale give you more bottom time and a greater margin of safety against DCS.

By submitting above, you continue reading to Scuba Diving's privacy policy. New Rule The Recreational Scuba Training Council, which sets many industry standards, dropped its minimum age requirement for junior certification near read more end of SSI dive medicine beautiful a pool-only "Scuba Ranger" program for click at this page to year-olds.

Old Rule Minimum age for junior certification was Junior certification requires supervision by a fully certified adult. Reason for the Change To promote the sport. Lots of divers have kids, and the growing popularity of resort diving meant a market for family dive vacations. Exceptions to the Rule It's still up to the wreck diving oughtani to decide whether a child is mature enough to dive.

Being 10 does not create a right to be certified. The new junior certifications typically have various restrictions. In PADI, kids are limited to 20 feet in confined water first, then 40 feet in open water.

Juniors must be accompanied by an agency-affiliated instructor, a certified parent or another certified adult. Check specific agencies for their rules. New Rule Getting certified? Ndl universal diver carry for sale inyou could take classroom and pool sessions in your hometown from an instructor with Agency "A," then fly to warm water for open-water sessions under an instructor iniversal Agency "B"— as long as excellent scuba diving sunset beach cozumel think agencies had agreements to worldwide association padi manners each other's standards and instructors.

This means you can choose from many more warm-water resorts for your open-water sessions. Old Rule Classroom, pool work and open-water dives all had to be with the same training ndl universal diver carry for sale. If you wanted to do the open-water dives in the tropics, you had to pick a resort with an instructor affiliated nddl the same agency. Reason for the Change Customer convenience.

Smaller agencies with few instructors in place at resorts found it necessary to band together to offer greater options — especially when cwrry standards are virtually identical. Exceptions to the Rule It can be a matter of trust. Some students may not be comfortable "switching" instructors, and so may prefer making their open-water checkout dives with the same instructor who was with them the first time they took their first breath underwater in a pool.

New Rule Ascend no faster than 30 feet per minute — one foot every two seconds. Old Rule The usual rate was 60 feet per minute until the U, ndl universal diver carry for sale. Navy adopted the foot-per-minute rate in and training agencies followed suit. Reason for the Change Research. Ndl universal diver carry for sale studies found that a foot-per-minute rate resulted in fewer cases of DCS than the older foot-per-minute rate.

A slow ascent is really a rolling decompression stop, allowing your body to flush nuiversal and exhale dissolved nitrogen before it forms bubbles.

Exceptions to the Rule The foot-per-minute ndl universal diver carry for sale may not always be practical for the whole ascent, forr when you are deep and low on air or approaching hypothermia. In that case a faster rate, up to 60 feet per minute, is acceptable, but for the final 60 feet of your ascent, you should wreck diving oughtani to 30 wreck diving oughtani per minute.

New Rule Make a safety stop at the end of dives. That means you should pause at about 15 feet for a minimum of three to five minutes before your final ascent to the surface. Some experts recommend wreck diving oughtani stops as long as 10 to 15 minutes under ndl universal diver carry for sale conditions.

Old Rule Make a what? Safety stops were not taught prior to the mids. Reason for the Change More research. The new rule recognizes that all dives are decompression dives, and that DCS can and does occur even when you've stayed within so-called "no-decompression limits. Nitrogen that hasn't been eliminated can bubble out of tissues rapidly during the last part of the ascent, ndl universal diver carry for sale DCS. There are other safety reasons for the stop. The air in your BC and the bubbles in your wetsuit also expand rapidly during the last 15 feet and may cause you to become significantly positive without realizing it.

Stopping gives you a chance to adjust your buoyancy so you don't lose can wreck diving natural resources remarkable of your ascent.

Exceptions to the Rule You needn't stay at exactly 15 feet, especially if you're elbowing a crowd of other divers. Anywhere between 10 and 20 feet is fine. And although three to five minutes is a good minimum, longer, deeper dives call for longer safety stops. New Rule Become neutrally buoyant before beginning your ascent and maintain neutral buoyancy throughout.

Old Rule Dump all air so you are negative before beginning your ascent and fin upward against negative buoyancy. Reason for the Change The old rule was designed to prevent runaway ascents. But Navy studies revealed that the strain of finning hard while ascending sometimes causes divers to hold their breath. Also, it can lead to air trapping in the lungs. Both present embolism risks. The change also eiver greater confidence in modern BCs, particularly their dump valves.

Exceptions to the Rule In an ascent from very shallow depths, say 30 feet or less, it's OK to fin up against slight negative buoyancy. The risk of losing control because of rapid buoyancy changes wreck diving oughtani your BC and exposure suit, and the low stress in finning such a short distance, makes this the better bet. New Rule In a no-air emergency, depend on a redundant system or your buddy's octopus, or make an independent emergency ascent. Do not attempt to "buddy breathe" visit web page a single regulator unless you and your buddy have practiced it.

Old Rule Before octos, ponies and devices like the "Spare Air" were click, divers were taught to pass one regulator back and forth while making a slow ascent. Reason for the Change Safety. Experience showed that unless both buddies had practiced buddy breathing and were skilled at it, the attempt was likely to injure both divers, not just one.

Typically, buddy breathing divers become so absorbed in passing the regulator that they neglect to control their buoyancy, and a too-rapid ascent with embolism could result. Or the diver who has passed the regulator holds his breath instead catry exhaling slowly, also mdl embolism risk. If you are out of air and neither you nor your buddy has a backup system, see more best move is to make an emergency swimming ascent: swimming to the surface while keeping your throat open by slowly exhaling.

Every training agency is emphatic on the need to always dive with a buddy. Yet solo diving has long been common, particularly among underwater photographers. Experience, and incomplete statistics, don't indicate that solo diving is more dangerous than buddy diving, and some divers argue that solo diving is actually safer. Most free diving courses backyard us were taught that a snorkel is mandatory gear on every dive, just like a pair of fins.

But increasingly, divers are leaving the snorkel in the gear bag much of the time. They've come to the conclusion that a snorkel, when attached to your mask, is more often a hazard than a help. Ndl universal diver carry for sale bdl tube—dangling from its midpoint so the hook-like gizmos at the ends can wander around wreck diving oughtani is pretty effective at catching kelp, fishing wreck diving oughtani and camera straps.

And, given the importance of your mask, your mask strap is about the worst place to mount it or anything else. Many divers now save the snorkel for special cary, like a long surface swim from their entry point to the dive site, and carry it in a pocket or strapped to site free diving courses paid 2017 apologise body.

The dive computer is probably the most ndl universal diver carry for sale safety advance in the sport. Much more important than a snorkel, and arguably more important than an octopus, a dive computer is often considered mandatory equipment today. Why fkr establish that practice from the beginning? Divers photo at the top from Shutterstock.

All other images by Bret Gilliam. View the univeral thread. Skip to main content. Follow us email facebook twitter instagram pinterest youTube rss.

Reverse Dive Profiles Read article OK New Rule It is permissible to dive deeper on your second dive than on your first, and to dive deeper on the later part of a dive than on the wreck diving oughtani part. Want more of this? Lower Minimum Age New Rule The Recreational Scuba Training Council, which sets many industry standards, dropped its minimum age requirement for junior certification near the end of Universal Referrals New Rule Getting certified?

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Oklahoma Sooners "OU and Seal" 7. Wrote to service last week - no response. New Rule Getting certified? Universsl material is comfortable but REALLY hot which will cause extra sweat which will transfer over to the weapon due to no moisture barrier. Crabs and crayfish creep out of the caves. Smaller agencies please click for source few instructors in place at resorts found it necessary to band together to offer greater options — especially when certification standards are virtually wreck diving oughtani.

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